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Description: KOPPKVO stands for ‘Kinderen van Ouders met Pyshische Problemen of Verslavingsproblemen’. We try to reach both parents and children to reach out to the organization. I did the animations and helped on the set directing for the movements used in the animation.


Working with morgt

Description: Beside making 2D animations I do a lot of motion graphics. I’m familiar working on titels, intro/outro and lower thirds and making it so to take of heavy weight of the editor’s work. I use AE javascripting to make text related animations adaptable for each episode.


Enpuls Enexis

Description: Enexis wanted more awareness for their division Enpuls to the audience. For this projects, I put the ideas of the Creative Anouk Reitsma on digital paper; a grip of how the paper craft film would look like. You can see de artwork and the final outcome in this movie.