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— I strive to change ideas to clear unique animations with a high standard of production.

Showreel 2019


AH Foundation


Albert Heijn Foundation and their suppliers join forces to contribute to a better living conditions for the local community of Africa, where some of the vegetables and fruit come from. For this project we made an animation to visualise their ideas, what are their projects and the beauty of Africa. Animation was made by order of Yune, together with art director Raphaël Bartels. My part of the team was the design and animation.


RNW Media is an organisation who uses the digital environment to reach young people in fragile states and countries about topics such as equality and democracy. I was working close with copywriter Iris Dekker to spread awareness about their work. 

RNW Media


Tasty Shake


This is my 2D animation graduation film. At that time I was researching on dark humor and the border when it’s not funny anymore. My focus is about stereotypes, body shaming and gore. Overall, just making a funny animation in frame-by-frame style. 


Other Works